Admission and Apply

  1. Send us CV, motivation letter and your project

    Contact us and submit your CV, including:
    • the list of relevant IT courses you have passed (including final marks),
    • a motivation letter,
    • your best copyright project in IT (technical report + source codes*) - all in one archive file).
    The copyright project in IT will be used only for the purposes of evaluating the quality of the candidate for study and will not be published anywhere.

    Upload your submission

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  2. Submit your e-application and wait to be contacted

    • Please submit your e-application and pay an admission fee €30.
    • The FIT Study department will contact you and provide you with detailed information on further steps to be taken.
    • You might also be asked to have up to 2 hours of Skype interviews. The interview may include questions about prerequisites or programming skills (see Admission procedure rules, Annex 1).
  3. Watch deadlines and see further information

    • The deadline for application and payment of the admission fee is April 15, 2024.
    • The date of enrolment is September 12, 2024. It is only through enrolment that you become a regular student of the FIT. If you cannot attend the enrolment in person, you can enroll by proxy on the basis of a power of attorney.
    • Admission Procedure Rules
    • Enrolment Details
    • Recognition of Education

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