Master's of Information Technology is very flexible – the number of mandatory courses is kept low and each student can design their education profile by selecting elective courses. Below is an example of several popular educational profiles.

Mandatory courses for the whole programme (i.e. for all of the educations profiles):

Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Cameras and camera systems are nowadays a common part of production machines, smart infrastructure or (semi)-autonomous systems – in transport, manufacturing industry, agriculture, military, etc. The automatic analysis of data from cameras and similar sensors is the cornerstone of their efficient use. Computer vision will help you become experts in the development of automatic detectors of objects in images, motion analysis in video, object segmentation and classification, etc., by the following offer of courses:

Hardware & Networking

Today’s networking infrastructure must be ready to deliver immense sizes of data with very low latencies – preferably instantly. At the same time, security requirements and the criticality of the infrastructure requires security measures for preventing attacks. The mix of network communication, hardware development and cybersecurity might be a great selection for a future networking and cybersecurity specialist.


Cybersecurity is an important topic in information technology and computer science, both at the scale of large distributed systems and for individual computing devices. The following selection of courses allows the student to master the principles of security from the hardware level, through networking to end-user applications. Also, machine learning is an important aspect for detection of unusual behavior in data communication.

Speech and Language Processing & AI

Speech processing is becoming an important component of user interfaces: voice input, virtual assistants, call centers, etc. This way of interacting with complex computer systems is very natural and acceptable for most people and natural language processing has a bright future. The following selection of courses makes a very solid foundation for understanding natural language and speech processing.

Application Design and Development

Application development (web apps, smartphone apps, native apps) is frequently done by people with bachelor’s level of education. However, for advanced applications and for people at the management level, especially at very innovative fields of app development, a broader overview of technologies and deeper understanding of the underlying tech is essential. The following selection of courses might provide a very solid foundation for someone seeking for a broad coverage of computer science topics directly influencing the design and development of high-tech IT applications.

List of all Elective Courses

The sample educational profiles listed above are designed to cover the most popular study profiles in the MIT-EN study programme. The complete list of elective courses follows here. Each student can consult with the study advisors and craft their own mix of courses to be best prepared for their specialization and career.