Health System

  • Medical care in the Czech Republic is on a very good professional and technological level.
  • Health care is provided by state-run and private medical facilities. In the event of sudden illness or injury out of surgery hours it is ensured in the emergency departments in hospitals.
  • In cases of sudden serious illness you can call an ambulance on 112 all over the country.
  • Medicines to relieve flu or a cold and other similar preparations can be purchased without a prescription in pharmacies. A prescription from a doctor is required to purchase other medicines.
  • It is necessary to have a valid health insurance policy in order to obtain a visa for foreigners coming to the Czech Republic.
  • Valid health insurance is a necessary condition for all foreigners coming to the Czech Republic for tourism, work, or studies, either short-term or long-term. The law requires all foreigners to have a so-called commercial health insurance policy for foreigners.
  • Apart from meeting one of the conditions for being granted a visa, health insurance for foreigners provides necessary financial coverage of medical care provided (including regular medical check-ups in some cases) in the event of an injury.

Please check instructions and details regarding health and insurance.

More information can be found also on the web of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.