Tuition, fees, financial aid

Tuition and fees are EUR 1,500 per semester, i.e. EUR 3,000 per year. The tuition fee payment conditions will be specified during the enrolment for study.

FIT financial aid program

  • The FIT financial aid program ensures that education at BUT is accessible to all qualified candidates regardless of their financial circumstances.
  • BUT provides financial aid to students in whose case the tuition and fees would exceed the available financial means of their families.
  • Financial need is the difference between the price of attending FIT and a family’s ability to pay that price, which is determined using the parents’ tax returns for the previous 2 years, provided with the application as part of the application process. The remaining needs, if any, are addressed using a FIT scholarship, research assistance, benefit scholarship, etc.

Refund of the paid tuition fee

If you pass all the courses in one semester (for at least 18 credits per semester) with a certain grade average, refund of paid tuition fee applies as indicated in the table below.

Grade averageRefund
up to 3.025%
up to 2.550%
up to 275%
up to 1.5100%

JCMM Scholarships for Students of English Programmes

JCMM (South Moravian Centre for International Mobility) offers scholarships for students of supported folow-up Master Degree Programmes in English in Brno. You can apply for JCMM scholarship here: